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Milgem & Sigma

Milgem is the proud of the Turks. I'll my self was very impress with the design. At glance it looks like LCS-1 USS Freedom.

Miglem is build to enhance the navy littoral warfare capabilty.

Basically the are two type of Milgem, which are design for corvet and frigate. The diplacement for corvet is 2000 tonnes( ADA class) and for frigate(TF100) is more heavier since the ship will be equiped with a few type of missiles. Soon once the frigate design been tested, it will determine the new design of frigate and will be known as TF2000.

On the 6th of April 2011, Indonesia and Turkey signed Cooperation Agreement on Defense Industry including the construction of 2 MILGEM class corvettes to the Indonesian Navy.

Class and type: Patrol and Anti-Submarine Warfare
Type: Corvette(ADA Class)(TF-100)
Displacement: 2,000 tonnes
Length: 99.00 m
Beam: 14.40 m
Draught: 3.75 m
Propulsion: 1 gas turbine, 2 diesels, 2 shafts, 30,000 kW (CODAG)
Speed: Econ15 knots Max 29+ knots
Range: 3,500 nautical miles (6,480 km) @ 15 knots
Endurance: 21 days with logistic support, 10 days autonomous
Complement: 93 including aviation officers, with accommodation for up to 104
Sensors and processing systems:
-Combat Management System: G-MSYS (GENESIS MİLGEM Savaş Yönetim Sistemi)
-Search radar: SMART-S Mk2
-Sonar: TBT-01
-Communication: SatCom, GPS, LAN, ECDIS/WECDIS, Link 11/16
-Navigation: ECPINS-W
-IPMS: UniMACS 3000
-Others: X-Band radar, fire control radar, navigation radar, LPI radar
Electronic warfare and decoys: EW radar, Laser/RF systems, ASW jammers, DG, SSTD
-Guns: 1 x 76 mm (retractable for lower radar cross section, guidance by fire control radar and electro-optical systems), A position
-2 x 12.7 mm Aselsan STAMP Stabilized Machine Gun Platform (guidance by Laser/IR/TV and electro-optical systems, automatic and manual modes), B position
Anti-surface missiles:
-8 x Harpoon (and/or RBS15 Mk.III and/or NSM)
Anti-aircraft missiles:
-21 x RAM (PDMS)
-Mk.41 VLS for ESSM (TF-100 class)
-2 x 324 mm Mk.32 triple launchers for Mk.46 torpedoes
Aircraft carried:
Hangar and platform for:
-S-70B2 Seahawk ASW helicopters
-Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV)

Sigma Class

This corvet class also proven its design. I guess this why Indonesia Navy choose its future frigate in Sigma variant 10514.

Now Indonesia is operating 4 Sigma 9113 in service.
Displacement: 1692 tons

Length: 90.71 meters

Beam:13.02 meters

Draft:3.6 meters

Speed: Maximum: 28 knots

Range @ At cruising speed of 18 knots: 3600 nm

Range @ economy speed of 14 knots: 4800 nm

Anti-air missile: 2 x Quad MBDA Mistral TETRAL (forward & after)

Anti-surface missile: 4 x MBDA Exocet MM40 Block II

Guns: Oto Melara 76 mm

2 x 20 mm Denel Vektor G12

Torpedoes: EuroTorp 3A 244S Mode II/MU 90 in 2 x B515 launcher

Combination of Sigma & Milgem will provide Indonesia more deterrence control in its own huge water.

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NGPV TLDM / RMN Kedah Class PV

(Ref: 1.

For the future SGPV, the navy should consider more powerful propulsion.
Here is the currently NGPV or A-100 Meko class propulsion compare to A-200 class frigate.

Propulsion:Diesel Engines
A-100 - 2 x Caterpillar 3616 (5,450kW each)
A-200 - 2 x MTU 16V 1163 TB 93 (5,920kW each)

A-200 Gas Turbine1 x GE LM2500 (20,000kW) gas turbine engine on lips waterjet propulser

A-100 Electric Plant 4 x Caterpillar / AVK 3412 TA (500kVA each)Propellers 2 x controllable pitch propellers

The propulsion system for A200 class is based on a CODAG-WARP (Combined Diesel and Gas - Water Jet and Refined Propeller) configuration( below).

Two MTU 16V 1163 TB 93 diesel engines (5,920kW each) drive controllable pitch propellers and a single GE LM 2500 20,000kW gas turbine acts on a waterjet propulser system, give A200 the maximun speed of 27 knot.

Meanwhile for our A-100 class, the speed is + 22 knot.

p/s Frigate propulsion in a patrol vessel... why not? Since we are spending 6 billion tax money, our tax money. Using the concept of FWBNW
then equip her with all the all weapons that a frigate could carry.
To stay low profile called her SGPV.

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M1 Abrams Versus T-90

Western tank always gets good publicty. Here I would like to share a review of T-90 comparison with Abrams M1.