Monday, April 21, 2014

MRCA Leasing Option- Part 1

We cannot afford to buy second batch of MRCA. So we moving foward to lease at least two squadron of these MRCA figthers . Currently some of best option are Super Hornet, Gripen & Euro fighter Typhoon, these stock are available in service. So now , what is the best fighter & affort to lease?

Gripen, one single engine with the latest network centric warfare, is a great combination with Awacs AEW. But again you are talking about the risk of single engine, cheap in term of maintainance. But have a great features  such as AESA, infomation sharing, can AMRAAm etc.

While for Super Hornet, we are looking at more bigger f-18 in term of size, Weapon capacity, longer range. It is perfect for maritin strike & patrolling the sea as it is equip with APG-79 version of AESA radar.  For dogfight, this fighter  is good for low speed & very maneuverable.... but when going against real enemy jet fighter or missile, it is not the jet you want to be in. That is why F-18 is design to kill its enemy at medium using AMRAAM. As solution for dogfight, this jet is using AIM -X version of missile to chase its high manouver enemy. Such version missile is only available for US or its allies. For Malaysia you can only buy it is limited quantity with limitation. F -18 also do not have IRST a passive optical heat tracking... so back to depend on AIM-x.

Typhoon one of current favorite Second  batch MRCA, got a lot of stock but in tranche 1 &2. Both versions have limited air to ground capability.  But future upgrade will see AESA & air bombing capability....

(To be continue)

Monday, February 24, 2014

M4 Upgrade

Where are we???

What are the current performance?

Monday, December 30, 2013

The Two Prince

Waaa time so fast.

Amjad now is 4 years old next year. As for Amsyar will be 2 and going to become a brother.

The first picture above is Amjad & second is Amsyar. Both wearing the same shirt.. hahaha barang naik maa, so need to save cost.

Both brothers will get a sister, insya Allah soon. Ok la, both of them already start to be independent.  Amjad going to kindergarten & Amsyar already walking exploring things. Climbing here & there. At night he now can sleep separately with  daddy as no more ibu's milk. I guest now is this the bonding time with the father. 

Amjad also these days getting jeolus of the brother. Cannot share the  toys or even roti tup ( roti meletup, the 70 cents roti that if you it explode). Well let's give Amjad some more time to get use with brother n sister things.

As for me, now working very hard to get extra income as barang naik... need to do some free lance teaching here n there. Save some money to go for hajj expecting ib 2015... but maybe will bw delay due to the current saudi policy. Well that's will be another story.

Anyway wishing everyone Happy New year, more bless from Allah n give us strength to struggle hard for jannah. Insya Allah.