Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The lost of Air Asia 8501

My condolences  to all families  of QZ8501.

The plane suspected  to crash due to heavy  storm.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Joint Force -Blue Ocean

Police ate using dark camouflage  compare army using  green camo.. For combat purposes  the army is is equipped  with kevlar that can be hit with 7.62 mm.
They also can from 90s 5.56mm bullets but sometimes  can go up to 300s bulleys if is needed.

Army are now using m4a1 with the shorter but heavy barrel, claimed to be better than previous m4 which always jam. But police still using M16A1, but you will be amazed although  the police operate long barrel m16, they are fast and sharp shooter when operate in a team.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Super Couger deployed for East Coast Flood Disaster

Ec725 is a long range  tactical  helicopter. It twin engine can travel up to 857km with its cruising  speed 285km per hour. The capacity can support up to 29 troops  or 5670kgs in this case carry food and medical supplies  for east flood areas. The best part it can be handle in current  bad weather thanks for Flir or Foward looking infra red system to deploy all search and rescue mission.. now are supporting  east coast sate flood nature disaster  which  now getting worst.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Attack Helicopter For Malaysia

NiThe primary role of attack helicopter or also known as gunship is to engage ground target from infantry to armor vehicle such APC, MBT etc.

Our neighbour such as Singapore and Indonesia is now operating Apache gunship. Singapore has 20 Apaches with some equip with Longbow radar or AN/APG -78 millimeter wave fire control radar. This allow the Apache to track 128 targets and engage 16 at once within 30 seconds.... crazy, which a nightmare to a mechanise armor konvoi.

As for Indonesia army, they will be equip ed with the 8 latest Apache AH 64E, which has a lot of improvements such as more digital equipment, powerfull engine, can be fit to maritime operation etc. But for Indonesia, not sure about they will have longbow radar or not as the price they bought only not a full package price.

So how about us? What do we in mind? I think the best gunship to go against Apache is Eurocopter Tiger. The best part about Tiger is it been design for stealth and agility. The steath is referring to low to visual, radar, infra red and acoustic signature. Tiger use Doppler radar and got FLIR forward looking infrared for night flying. Some operator like German army equip their Tiger with mast mounted sensor Osiris-optical TV-up to 18km, thermal camera, laser finder and multiple gro scopes for sensor stabilizer. By having this the Tiger can be use for recon and even  can fire long range anti- tank missile such as TRIGAT LR(up to 7km)- the idea is beyond fire of enemy vehicle. But if Tiger is consider expensive we always have an option.

Other thanSouth Africa Denel Rooivolk we can go for  T|29 an upgrade of Agusta A-129 Mangusta. The upgrade is by Turkish Aerospace(TAI). The focus should on their weopon power and radar. Maybe not good as Apache long bow but it still  under development. T129 is lighter attack gunship, so additional  arm power will compromise  it flying  capabilities. That's  why T129 is using 20mm instead  of 30mm like Apache.  Well maybe later  we will see how Turks develop it and become better that Cobra.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

We lost a great soldier

Our condolences  to family  of Kpl Azman Che Soh for their lost.

Al fatihah.