Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Explanation by the current Defence Minister in Parliament on Task Force 2010:

TASK FORCE 2010 telah ditubuhkan pada Januari 2007 sebagai Agensi Kerajaan Malaysia untuk membantu Kerajaan Thailand dalam usaha membawa keamanan ke Selatan Thailand.

Dalam menjalankan tugas dan tanggungjawabnya, TASK FORCE 2010, telah melaksanakan pelbagai program, aktiviti serta usaha-usaha khusus ke arah memenuhi misi yang dipertanggungjawabkan. Sehingga kini usaha-usaha tersebut telah menampakkan hasil.

Walau bagaimanapun Kerajaan telah membuat keputusan untuk membubarkan TASK FORCE 2010 pada penghujung tahun ini. Peranannya akan diambil alih oleh agensi-agensi Kerajaan yang berkaitan bagi mempastikan kesinambungan usaha-usaha ke arah keamanan di selatan Thailand

More exposure on RMAF asset - F18D

This is part of article from Malay Mail;

Source codes, Dzirhan said, are software codes which modify the systems of the aircraft to work with non-standard systems.

"Most aircraft manufacturers and countries do not give out the source codes, but they might be willing in certain cases to modify them to enable the aircraft to accept non-standard systems.

"It simply means we can re-programme or modify the system, which in most cases, are kept standard, including the Russian ones.

"In any event, even if we did have the codes, do we have the expertise to do anything with it?"

Dzirhan pointed out an example that since it was the Russians who conducted integration work on the RMAF Sukhoi Su-30MKM multi-role combat aircraft, this seemed to suggest that we did not get the software codes for the planes or even if we did, we don't have the expertise to do anything with it.

"As a general rule, the United States do not release its source codes to export customers and this is a known fact.

"Obviously, if we did not know this until the last minute, then somebody is not doing their homework before the purchase of the Hornets.

"Even so, why did we not back out of the deal if there were such an issue? In any event, the US does provide 'object codes' which allows the buyer to do limited re-programming on their systems to counter new or unexpected threats."

(Marhalim Abbas, The Malay Mail 01/04/2010)

The Missing Engines of F5E....


Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail said the RMAF personnel would be charged for stealing while the company director for disposing off stolen properties.

"Investigations revealed that both F-5E jet engines were removed from the Material Udara 1 (Matra 1) godown in Kuala Lumpur as a result of a collaboration between an RMAF personnel with the rank of sergeant and a company director to dispose off both jet engines," he said in a statement Tuesday night.

The sergeant will be charged under Section 380 of the Penal Code to be read with Section 109 of the same code, while the company director, under Section 414 of the code.

The jets engines were found missing in 2007 while being taken for a routine maintenance from the 12th Squadron (Scorpion) in Butterworth to the RMAF godown in Kuala Lumpur.

(The news is from BERNAMA: RMAF Personnel, Company Director To Be Charged Over Missing F-5E Jet Engines)