Monday, December 30, 2013

The Two Prince

Waaa time so fast.

Amjad now is 4 years old next year. As for Amsyar will be 2 and going to become a brother.

The first picture above is Amjad & second is Amsyar. Both wearing the same shirt.. hahaha barang naik maa, so need to save cost.

Both brothers will get a sister, insya Allah soon. Ok la, both of them already start to be independent.  Amjad going to kindergarten & Amsyar already walking exploring things. Climbing here & there. At night he now can sleep separately with  daddy as no more ibu's milk. I guest now is this the bonding time with the father. 

Amjad also these days getting jeolus of the brother. Cannot share the  toys or even roti tup ( roti meletup, the 70 cents roti that if you it explode). Well let's give Amjad some more time to get use with brother n sister things.

As for me, now working very hard to get extra income as barang naik... need to do some free lance teaching here n there. Save some money to go for hajj expecting ib 2015... but maybe will bw delay due to the current saudi policy. Well that's will be another story.

Anyway wishing everyone Happy New year, more bless from Allah n give us strength to struggle hard for jannah. Insya Allah.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

India' submarine Kilo explode

Russian submarine is famous with accidents. .. cheap but with big risk of explode. One of thousand reason we turn to scorpene.