Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Brazil chooses Gripen E

Check the details   out at Jane


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Digital Camo

Congrats to the army for the new digital camo. As the dotrine jungle warfare have move to urban warfare,  this is the best time to have digital camo.

The small light green is purposely to fit in Malaysia open greens and as the soldier move to urban area the dark brown pixel will take over to match building colours.

I guess we few more step behind on network centric warfare. The idea of having such tech is to centralize all communication,  the team leader will capable to update their condition during engagement, point out enemy position to others squad, requesting air support in just a click of button, encrypted communication etc.

The most challenging part is to develop the tech without falling behind our neighbouring  countries. We are quite slow even monitoring drones still need to depend on oversea suppliers.

As for M4 A1 rifles it is using heavy barrel to avoid jamming problem as previous M4 version. That's good.. but still lack of telescope for more accurate firing. Although having basic M4A1 for normal battalion conscript with the tactic 10 soldier to 1 enemy. . But still telescope will play a big contribution especially in urban build up area.

To boost soldier firing power, new AFV Deftech AV8 will 25mm Sharpshooter Turret. AV8 will be use by mechanise battalion as response deterrence to stop enemy movement. The current Adnan AFV is lower speed more suitable for country cross compare to AV8 which is 8×8 wheel and more suitable on road or highway.