Wednesday, August 6, 2014

LCS Gowind

The cost for this project is 9 billion which consists of 6 Corvette class ships. To make it sounds futuristic they called it LCS or littoral combat ship plus with a stealth design which capble of 3 dimes ional warfare air sea & underwater. The ship speed is 28 knots which can travel at 5000 nautical miles. While the length is 111m & beam 16m.

The design is using Gowind combat ship. The load, displacement suppose to be 2730 tonnes but reportly to become 3000  tonnes, as it jump to light frigate displacement,some called it heavy corvette,and the Navy called it LCS. Whatever it is, the armament more towards corvette class. This time,the ASM will be Exocet MM40 block 3 which has the range of 180km & capable of attacking land target due to its GPS guidance way point command.  As usual this subsonic missile maintain a sea skimming 1-2 meter above sea surface. The advantage is when its fire over 100kM, the missile cannot be detected due to radar horizon, until 6000 meters from the enemy ship.... and boom!Well its is ideal case of theory. As for Sam, the LCS will use Mica with the range of 10km & capable to hit UAV not more than 20km. Why Mica not Aster which can go to 30km and more? Because LCS still has a corvette saiz and of course price is cheaper.For the mica head seeker should be active radar seeker Rf, not the IR imaging infra red seeker.

For radar,the LCS will be equip with Smart- S 3D.The radar can track both air & surface up to 500 targets . Smart-s has 2 operating mode, medium can tracked up to 150km & long range up to 250km. While the range accuracy is 20 meter.

Why the navy didn proceed with the Meko 100 design since they want a covette class, well I have no answer for that. But for sure the almost familiar design to Meko 100  K130, has technical problems such as toxic exposition by the exhoust system. The current Meko 100NGPV Kedah class is using water surface exhaust release and have some thermal and can be detected by infra red seeker. So this time, for LCS design Navy chose a stealth tower exhaust release.

Hopefully, the project NGPV2 -LCS this time will be a good choice, later the same design can be upgrade to real frigate capable & better airmaments.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Clear and present Danger

As I remembered,  it took Israel 6 days to defeat the Egypt army, now as the war between Hamas Palestine n zionis so called Israel has passed 3 weeks already.

The zionis has used all its assest but fail to win this battle.

For Palestine their not winning this war alone.. somehow they manage to build their own rocket, UAV, antitank n modified warhead into mines.

As Arab leaders do not help, the Palestine people become self independent in build their own weapons.

As the war tactics using guerilla warfare, Hamas the half political half military organisation manage to penetrate Israel borders n bring the war to their enemy cities. More secret underground tunnels were found lead in Israel which becoming threat of ambushing Zionis troops.

Can Hamas win this war? With Israel loosing the morality among its troops. . Yes. Although US is sending more missle, there is no point if the Israel military itself cowardly run away ever time dumb rocket fall in their compound. Iron Dome is not an effective defence. .

Hamas with its brave brigades troop keep on attacking as their  meant to die together with collateral damage to the enemies. Even morality nightmare n trauma to haunted the Zionis troops n people.

Now half of world are supporting to boycott Israel,  and we should do the same to show our sense of humanity.  It is genocide in Palestine. Therefore please do your part.