Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Pendekar PT-91 M-part 1

Above is PT-91E a export version of PT91, renamed from Pendekar prototype.

Pendekar or warrior is the name of Malaysia's PT91M. Such tank is selected because of its upgrade capability by the army which to ensure its effectiness in today's modern warfare.

Different approach with western tank armor which is made from Chobham armor, PT91 is equiped by 394 blocks of ERA( Explosive Reactive Armor) to denoting any direct hit anti tank missile.

According from Polish Military Institute of Armament Technology (WITU), their ERAWA can provide such proctection:

1)95 to 100 per cent protection against HEAT projectiles of the low piercing type (300 to 350 mm) such as the RPG-7

(2)65 to 70 per cent protection against HEAT projectiles and rockets of the medium piercing type (460 to 600 mm) such as the AT-4 anti-tank weapon or 125 mm BK-14M HEAT projectile

(3)90 to 100 per cent protection against EFP (Explosive Formed Projectiles) with a calibre of 100 mm

(4)Full resistance against detonation after being hit by low and medium calibre ammunition, hand and mortar grenade fragments.

(5) Full resistance against detonations caused by the burning of high temperature (up to 3,000° C) materials such as napalm.

The ESM350 is a high performance transmission developed and volume manufactured by SESM for retrofits of T-72/T-90 type vehicles. With a power range from 600 to 850kW, it features eight speeds forward and 3 speeds reverse, an infinitely superimposed steering system and a high performance braking system. It is suitable for T-72/T-90 new series as well as for upgrading program. The integration process is very easy and preserves the original silhouette of the vehicle.(1)

Technical characteristics:

Powerpack design especially for T-72 vehicles and derivates

Manual and fully automatic power shifting

Mechanical emergency gear shift system

Electronically controlled automatic start-up clutch

Infinitely variable hydrostatic superimposed steering system

Pivot turn and neutral turn on the spot at infinitely variable speed

Integrated multi-disks service and parking brake

Power-take-off for T-72 genuine power units like dynamo-starter, air compressor etc..

Power-take-off for fan drive with fully digital speed control and cut off

Engine can started by towing the vehicle

Powerpack ESM350

Including the transmission ESM350, SESM has developed a complete powerpack suitable for the T-72/T-90 and derivates vehicles. Various engine options are available, including French, Italian, Polish or Russian diesels. ESM350 has the power of 1140hp.(2)

Main advantages in four fields:

Improved mobility, resulting of increased engine-power (up to 1140 hp) and of the automatic transmission. The increased efficiency leads to reduced waste (lower heat emissions, reduced cooling problems), reduced fuel consumption and increased operating ranges.

Improved vehicle availability due to power-pack concept. Engine, transmission and cooling system are all integrated in one single, very compact block. For maintenance purposes, the PP can be exchanged in less than one hour, even in field conditions.

Better suitability for hot climatic conditions thanks to the high performance cooling system.

Advantages for fleet availability, logistics and total operating cost thanks to the high reliability of the equipment, together with the quick PP exchange capabilit