Saturday, December 26, 2009

One Malaysia and One Defense

During last LIMA, Tun Mahathir suggested that the South Asian countries make an agreement to control their asset of weapons. The weapon purchased by neighbor that seems keeps competing with one another.

My personal opinion, such statement showed that Malaysia is losing in the weapon race. The style of Malaysia only to buy the latest weapon in small quantity as to update their inventory as modern as the develop country. But when economy was hit by crisis, modernization of the military is being slowed down and even it totally stop in one of three services.

Plus the rendering by Defense Minster that our Migs need to stop their operational because the price of spare parts set by local partner was very high that the cost is irrelevant.

Well that’s only one of our strategic assets. Who knows other more?

Maybe the current minister should do the right thing by not modernizing the current asset but go through the policy of current inventory and eliminate these entire epidemic which currently investing our military.

Therefore this effort should be called the policy of "One Defense"

Hey, you do not have the money spent anyway, right?